Brandy Melville
Anonymous asked:

Since everyone is asking you about skin care and such. What do you do when you get a blemish? Do you wear make-up, if so what do you use?

The last thing you want to do is wear make up when you get a blemish! Let your skin breathe and be free. Water is your skins best friend, drink up and do not use soaps to wash your face unless absolutely necessary.

Anonymous asked:

What perfume and body wash do you use? Much love from London! Love your tumblr! <3

perfume: princess

don’t use body wash xx

Anonymous asked:

What cleanser and moisturizer do you use? xo.

only wash my face with water, in the morning and at night.. never use soap. I use dove moisturizer. 

Anonymous asked:

i dont know exacly wich kind of website is this so.. do you sell clothes or something like that?

No, I just post pictures that I love!

thutmoseuiii asked:

Lol, not sure how i came across your blog, but i see you were born on the same day as i was, so i had to spread some love.

spread the love xo

Hey guys, you can now follow me on instagram: cyxox

Anonymous asked:

you guys are perfect! how did you meet? :)

at a party way back when <3 

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